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I wanted to start our first blog with a lovely post from our staff member, Sophie. Sophie visited the RSPCA in Hull. Instead of coming to work Sophie attended the RSPCA to volunteer for the day.  Here at OHS we are looking to give back as much as we can to the community. Each member of staff has been given the opportunity to volunteer for a day at their chosen charity instead of attending work. We will be offering this to each member of staff on a yearly basis.

Here is Sophie’s story of her day volunteering: 

On arrival I signed in and had my induction with a lady called Sarah.  She went through the volunteer handbook with me and the fire evacuation procedure. Sarah mentioned that due to limited space at the RSCPA centre, they are unable to accommodate unwanted pets and their focus and priority is to allocate accommodation to animals that are the victim of cruelty, neglect, abandonment or found sick and injured.   At the centre they had cats, kittens, dogs, rabbits, ducks, and ducklings. Some of the cats had been there several years, which was really sad to know. The older cats had smaller cages and were at the back of the new cattery. The dogs they had available were German shepherds, Staffordshire bull terriers, Rottweiler’s, border terriers and boxer dogs.  I had a tour round and the site was very clean and tidy. The dogs were let out for walks, one by one. Each had a chance to play and roam on the green opposite the kennels. All dogs are walked twice a day. Especially because they are kept in a small kennel for long periods of time, they really need the exercise.  Some of the cats were reserved by members of the public. It’s not as easy to adopt an animal as what I thought. If you find an animal you like the look of, you can visit it several times and if you decide they’re the one for your family, the RSCPA arrange a home visit to see if the animal will be well suited for them. Only part time workers can adopt kittens due to them needing a lot of care and attention.  I was helping out in the ‘new cattery’ for the day with a lady called Lisa who made me feel very welcome. In this part of the cattery there were approximately about 13 cages with cats and the majority had a litter of kittens. Some were only 5 weeks old.  There was one kitten that was in a recovery unit, this was called ‘Mufasa’, and he was only 3 weeks old. The staff at the RSPCA are currently hand feeding him as he can’t lap milk up. It’s such a shame that these animals are abandoned.  Our first job was separating the kittens from their mother for the day, this will occur every couple of days during the week to ensure the cat has time on their own and gets used to the kittens not being around as eventually they will be in cages of their own. We made our way round to each cage to clean them out and feed them. Lisa also had to weigh each cat and kitten and log this in their personal file so each member of staff can keep track.  After we cleaned each cage we had time to play with the cats and kittens. They had areas round the back of the cage where they could play so it was nice to sit with them. Lisa explained that the more human interactivity with them the better, as some were very timid.  In the afternoon Lisa gave all cats and kittens their medication and then we cleaned up. All doors to the cages of all animals are kept locked at all times. They were only unlocked when we cleaned the cages, fed or played with them.

 Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my day and it was nice to see that all the animals seemed happy and content. They were all looked after well and it was nice to be part of the team for the day.

Here are some really cute pictures from Sophie’s day


Cute Kittens

 Photo 13photo 3Photo 8photo 5photo 1

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